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Shooting a 1955 Chevrolet 3100

When my photographer buddy Matt (@Traction_With_Jackson) hit me up about a potential shoot with a 1950s classic Chevy pickup I was pretty excited.

Lockdown had put a major dampener on all shoots so to come back and film something as characteristic as a Classic American car from one of my favourite periods of automobilia, well, that would be a real treat.

I had heard a lot about this car from Matt, he had shot it once before at Hanger 53, and the engine had caught fire while shooting, (a leak from the carburettor if I remember correctly) an event that gave the car its own level of notoriety at the hanger. Needless to say, no one went running for the extinguishers this time round and the car hasn't suffered any lasting damage. It really makes you wonder about the history of the car. At 65 years old she's probably seen a lot through her years, unfortunately for us, we may never know exactly as she was imported into the UK in 2012, and prior to that there's not a lot of information. What we do know is she's been driving all-around since then, the last and current owners have both used this beauty as their main runaround and it's nice to see classic cars actually driving.

Looking back on the footage, you see why Sam (@Samm_3100) loves his Chevy. A car he traded for with a Mustang S197 and I can absolutely see why. A few quirks and a work in progress in areas, but his daily has so much driving character. From the restored leather seats to the bouncing airship, it's hard not to smile at this American classic.

Check the video out at

And to end a near-perfect day, my bike broke down in the middle of nowhere on the way home.

After a near miss with a thunderstorm and a long wait for recovery, I finally made it home at 10:30, only to get yeld at by a disgruntled neighbour.
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