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Michael Loring


I'm absolutely mad for cars and bikes and for as long as I can remember I've loved being behind a camera, so I put those two together and I'm loving every second. I'm at my most fulfilled when I'm creating content that pushes my creative boundaries. 

Who are we?

Magic Piston is a media platform and solution to automotive content creation. At the helm is Mike, creating awesome content for businesses and individuals alike, Magic Piston is also the network of creatives Mike has built over the years to ensure projects of any size can be finessed to the highest standard.

Industry experience

Producing high-quality content is easier than ever these days, what we bring to the table is years of education and experience in the video production industry. Our training spans well past just content production, we are versed in the understanding of market and audience research, the laws and pitfalls involved in content production (copyright, public liability, fair use etc), the utilization of current trends, and many other crucial, but often overlooked aspects of video production. 

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